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Black Pepper

Around the world, Black Pepper is a well-liked spice that is frequently used in flavoring and cuisine.  It has long been utilized for its therapeutic benefits in addition to its culinary usage.

Cinnamon Stick

Cooking and baking often include the use of Cinnamon Stick. It is made by slicing the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, drying it, and then shaping the resulting curls into sticks.

Cocoa Bean and Powder

The production of chocolate requires the use of Cocoa Bean and Powder, which is also commonly utilized in drinks, confections, and baked goods. It has a rich flavor composition with elements of bitterness, earthiness, and fruitiness.

Fresh Cardamom

Fresh cardamom has a wonderful and distinctive flavor profile that may improve a wide range of recipes. It gives culinary dishes a hint of exotic aroma and complexity, whether it is used in savory or sweet recipes.

Raw Spices

Raw spices are those that have not been ground or subjected to any additional processing. These are extracted from plants and often undergo a light processing procedure, maintaining their healthy ingredients, flavors, and smells.